Sunday, July 1, 2012

6th Bead Soup Blog Hop

I'm so excited that I get to participate in this fun event hosted by the fabulous Lori Anderson.   I've wanted to participate before but the schedule never worked for me.  There are 399 people participating this year.  It's gotten so big that the blog hopping will be done in 3 different groups.  I'm in the first group revealing on 7/28. 

My swap partner is Dana James of Dana's Jewelry Design.  She's very talented as a jewelry designer and an artist.  She was very fast sending out my Bead Soup.  We can't show pictures until the reveal...but I can show the wonderful package she sent it in.  You can see the packages of beads peeking out of the top.

And here's a picture of what I'm sending Dana.  Of course, all you get to see is the box....but I did make it pretty.  Something a little special for Dana and help brighten up the letter carrier's day as well.

I'll have the list of participants on here later with links to their blogs so you can hop along with me.  I can't wait!


  1. Cheryl, you're fine to post pictures of the Bead Soup you received and sent, as long as your partner has received their soup :-)
    Thanks for your comments on mine! I'm excited!! See you at the reveal!

  2. Beautiful packaging!! I cannot wait to see what everyone recieved. The box is to cute. :)

  3. Oh can post pics of what you received AND you can post pics of what you sent once your partner has received them! :) I can't believe you decorated the fedex box - that is so cool!!! Can't wait to see what yu make!