Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another?

One thing leads to another describes my artistic journey. It began with dancing and music. Next came embroidery and hippy beads. In the late 70’s I made a macramé wine rack and a hammock in addition to many, many plant hangers. Ceramics were next closely followed by crochet and a little sewing. In the 90’s I became addicted to beads. They take my breath away. I want to own them all (and my DH thinks I do own them all!!) In addition to stringing and weaving, I work with wire and precious metals. I’ve learned to solder and fuse. I’ve melted glass into beads using a torch and a kiln. I can make charms and beads from Precious Metal Clay. I was able to resist the rubber stamping rage as well as the scrapbooking madness. But then I saw the paper. Oh the colors….the patterns….Be still my heart. Now I’ve wandered into the Mixed Media world which lets me combine all these and more. Journaling, book making, encaustics, painting—acrylics, watercolors, pens, pencil. And then there are stenciling, spray paint, gluing, ATC’s, fat books. much to do and so little time

So that should explain the “One Thing Leads to Another” right?

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