Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Journal

I made a new art journal over the weekend.   I’ve been using a purchased book for my sketches lately but I really like using books that I made.  And I’ve got a TON of paper.  Both watercolor paper and decorative paper and I really need to start using it.  I discovered I had some8x8  book board from 7Gypsies that I bought a couple of years ago.  I was thinking about an 8x10 book—but finding book board already cut and close to the size I wanted changed my mind.   I decided to use this paper I got from the Cavallini warehouse sale for the cover.  Their paper is beautifully printed, colorful and a perfect weight for a cover.  

Then I found this great orange paper for the inside.  So I started cutting, gluing, and folding. 

Next, I went through all my watercolor paper.  My favorite paper is hot press but I like to add a few sheets of cold press to my books as well.  I have 22x30 sheets of paper so I spent quite a while measuring, marking, folding and tearing paper. 

Next comes the binding.  I decided to use Coptic binding.  I’ve done several books using this binding but there is always a long stretch of time between each book, so I always have to re-learn the process.  I’ve promised myself that this time I will do another book very soon so I can (hopefully) retain the instructions.  Plus, I’m hoping that more practice will result in a more consistent binding.  Some of my stitches are too loose and some are too tight. 

So the book is done.  Everything I used to make this book came from my stash which is a bonus.  Now I just need to make the first mark on that daunting blank page.  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Loving Macro

I got a new Macro lens for my Canon SLR and I LOVE it.   

I've been wanting this lens for quite a while.  It's perfect for up-close photos.

And best of all---it's perfect for small things.  Like jewelry.

Isn't that a fabulous picture??  I'm loving this.  I've been spending most of the day photographing jewelry.  After months of procrastinating, my Etsy shop will be full soon!!